Welcome Dr. Affan Akhtar, Premier Surgical Lower Extremity Specialist, to Our Team! - Click Here Know More

Welcome Dr. Affan Akhtar, Premier Surgical Lower Extremity Specialist, to Our Team!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Affan Akhtar to our distinguished medical staff at Madison Medical. Dr. Akhtar, a board-certified podiatric physician and surgeon, brings his extensive expertise in lower extremity care to serve our community in Paramus, New Jersey.

 Why Dr. Affan Akhtar?

  • Board Certification: Dr. Akhtar is certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, specializing in conservative and surgical care.
  • Diverse Experience: He serves on the medical staff at notable institutions such as Robert Wood Johnson/Rahway and St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, where he is involved in advanced wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Comprehensive Care Range: Dr. Akhtar offers a full spectrum of treatments for all lower extremity conditions, from routine care to complex surgical interventions. His services include:
    • Diagnostic Excellence: Utilizing gait analysis, EMG, and NCV testing to diagnose conditions accurately.
    • Advanced Surgical Techniques: Specializing in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, total ankle replacements, and management of sports-related injuries.
    • Pediatric to Geriatric Care: Addressing musculoskeletal abnormalities in children and providing tailored treatments for the aging population.
    • Holistic Treatment Approaches: Expertise in managing everything from diabetic foot care to varicose veins, ensuring comprehensive patient care.


Dr. Akhtar’s role at Madison Medical will enhance our already robust healthcare services, including labs, physical therapy, chiropractic, primary care, and pain management—all under one roof. This multidisciplinary approach ensures our patients receive the most thorough and coordinated care possible.

Join Us to Welcome Dr. Akhtar! We invite all our patients, especially those in the athletic community, first responders, teachers, union members, corporate professionals, and anyone who spends significant time on their feet, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Akhtar. Experience the pinnacle of lower extremity care and discover how his expertise can help you lead a more active and pain-free life.

Schedule Your Appointment Today! Visit https://madisonmedicalnj.com  or call 973-377-6700 to book your appointment with Dr. Affan Akhtar. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive top-tier care from one of New Jersey’s leading foot and ankle specialists.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health with the support of Dr. Affan Akhtar’s exceptional skills and compassionate care. Here’s to taking the next step together towards comprehensive wellness!